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The Law Offices of Robert J. Reicher advises clients on a variety of corporate and intellectual property matters, with a concentration on business issues related to music, theater, software development and licensing, web design and photography. We serve a broad range of clients from start-up entities to established artists. We regularly counsel clients how to most effectively organize and reorganize, structure entrepreneurial ventures, and commercially protect and exploit their intellectual property and other assets, We negotiate and draft the full spectrum of agreements necessary to implement these and related transactions. 


Our corporate transactional practice extends to commercial contracts of all kinds, including purchase agreements, office and equipment leases, loan and security agreements, employment and severance agreements, employee stock and phantom equity grants and residential real estate transactions


Clients of The Law Offices of Robert J. Reicher include software development companies, graphic and web design firms, photographers and illustrators, entertainment executives, motion picture producers and screenwriters, theater performers and producers, authors, record labels, music publishing companies, recording artists and artist managers.



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Corporate Formation Issues


Entertainment Law Issues


Internet and E-Commerce Issues


Corporate and Commercial Issues


Employment Issues

Counseling Not-for-Profit Entities

Residential Real Estate Transactions



Robert J. Reicher

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Mr. Reicher received his B.A. Magna Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania (1977) and JD from Columbia University (1980), where he served on the Board of Editors of the Columbia Law Review. His concentration is in general business law with an emphasis representing persons and companies dealing with intellectual property. Mr. Reicher possesses expertise in the area of trademark and copyright registration and licensing as well as the purchase and sale of intellectual property assets. Mr. Reicher’s clients include Broadway headliners, recording artists, rock groups, personal managers, entertainment industry executives, software development firms, photographers, and graphic designers. Mr. Reicher was formerly Vice president, Business Affairs at Miramax Film Corp.

Mr. Reicher’s general transactional practice extends to commercial contracts of all kinds including purchase agreements, office and equipment leases, loan and security agreements, partnership, joint venture, shareholder and operating agreements, employment and severance agreements, non-disclosure agreements, non-solicitation and non-competition agreements and residential real estate transactions. 

Mr. Reicher has worked with a number of not-for-profit organizations, assisting them in obtaining Federal tax-exempt status. He sits on the Board of Directors of, and serves and general counsel to, LIFEbeat, Inc., the Music Industry Fights AIDS, and, has, in the past served the same functions for The Museum of Holography and The International Ticket Sellers Association. Mr. Reicher is a former President of the Actors’ Temple in New York City and currently serves as the President of the Board  of Trustees of The Conservative Synagogue of Fifth Avenue.


Mr. Reicher is admitted to practice in New York and California.



Robert J. Reicher



NEW YORK, NY 10036


Telephone: 212-258-3770


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